Espresso coffee is not new to the peoples of Southern Europe. For generations they have been enjoying the flavor and boost of the strong, sharply flavored coffee in small demitasse cups. Usually the espresso is drunk with sugar and fills only two-thirds of the demitasse cup. On occasion, the espresso is flavored with a drop or two of tangerine or almond extract. Like any espresso drink, perfection begins with the espresso. The important thing is that espresso is not a coffee bean, a roast, or a blend of coffee beans. Espresso is a coffee beverage made fresh upon request using proper temperature and pressure to extract only the finest qualities of the coffee bean. The coffee beans are fresh ground for each cup and the espresso extraction is a precise art form. Thus, espresso is a method of brewing coffee and not a type of coffee. With the wide variety of coffees available today, the espresso of yesteryear has become an incredible gourmet treat rivaling the most delectable of desserts. Espresso has come into it’s own. The Key to perfect espresso is timing, as over extracting the coffee liquor causes a thin bitter drink. Better to have three ounces of fine espresso than 8 to 12 ounces of watery bitter coffee. It is, after all, the richness and flowery aroma of espresso that makes it such an exciting drink. There are those who will probably throw their hands up in horror at the idea of using flavored coffees to make espresso. We at Dream Ship have enjoyed all kinds of exquisite coffees, flavored and non flavored, as espresso. Each has it’s own particular flavor notes that make it an unique experience. In fact, We have often enjoyed an in-house espresso party where we served several different types of coffee, espresso roasted and full city roasted, espresso brewed. All were appreciated for their own unique qualities. Several recipes have evolved from these coffee gatherings and each month we will share a new one with you

Espresso Indio Noir

Grind the Indio Noir in a fine espresso grind.


Have available the following complimentary accents: Torani or Monin caramel and orgeat (almond) syrups. Dark brown sugar, turbinado sugar, raw sugar, and Demerara sugar. Cappuccino accent toppers: Original and chocolate.


1. Present the demitasse 2/3 full of espresso and allow each person to add their own cream, flavors, sugar, and toppings. 2. Indio Noir is our most popular espresso roast. It makes a delicious cup of espresso and a delightfully different regular coffee.

Note: for an added twist of delicious flavor, twist a strip of tangerine peel into your espresso…WOW!

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